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Pre-apprenticeship Training for Roofers
Program Description

The Roofing Human Resources Committee of SMARTHINC(1), with support from Human Resources Development Canada, has created a new, industry based, program of entry-level training for roofers. The program, called “Pre-apprenticeship” training, prepares new workers for apprenticeship as a roofer.  There are two levels of training.  The first level, orientation, prepares entry-level workers with basic safety and construction practices before they begin work on a construction site.  This training would be completed in one day.

Following orientation, the worker will complete pre-apprenticeship training of up to thirty additional hours of instruction on the job site.  This training teaches general safety and familiarity with the tools and materials of the trade and is delivered on-site with a journey person or experienced roofer acting as a mentor or coach.  Employers select one major roofing system as the focus. Time worked, training completed and experience with roofing systems is recorded in the worker’s logbook and signed off by the supervisors and/or journeypersons.

After completing orientation, on-site training and one season in the trade, a worker receives a pre-apprenticeship certificate that is recognized by the industry across Canada.  In some provinces the worker may qualify for advanced standing in an apprenticeship program.  There would be no formal examination.  The logbook would serve as proof of hours worked and training on roofing systems.


The objective of the pre-apprenticeship program is to prepare new workers for a career in roofing.  Training will raise the confidence, improve safety and motivation for starting workers.  Employers will benefit from lower turnover, higher productivity and easier recruiting.


There are two training parts – a one-day orientation program and up to thirty hours of technical, on-site training.  The full program is completed once the worker logs 800 hours work experience along with the training.

How to Participate

The following groups are invited to collaborate to make this program a success.

Please refer to the information attached and / or call:
Bob Brunet, Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Associations (CRCA)    1-800-461-2722
Mark Curtis, Sheet Metal Workers Internatiola Association     1-800-448-4177

Information on Pre-apprenticeship Training for Roofers is also available at:


1.  The Sheet Metal and Roofing Training and Human Resources National Committee (SMARTHINC) has nineteen members selected from all provinces and from union and non-union employment.  A Roofing Task Committee of 26 specialists designed the pre-apprenticeship program with support from Prism Economics and Analysis.