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Pre-apprenticeship Training for Roofers
Guideline for Workplace Coaching Skills

The basics of on-the-job coaching are set out in many different “train the trainer” type programs.  An excellent example is “Workplace Coaching Skills” created by the Open Learning Agency in the Apprenticeship Branch at the B.C. Ministry of Skills, Training and Learning.  This program has been adopted in Alberta and several equivalent programs are available in other provinces.  SMARTHINC has adopted the “Workplace Coaching Skills” as a guideline for the Roofing Pre-apprenticeship program.

A summary of the main points is presented here.  If employers and their supervisors or team leaders wish to upgrade coaching skills in their work environment, this program can be made available to you.  There are six self-taught modules and a video.  It is recommended that each module would take three hours.

“Workplace Coaching Skills” breaks the essentials of on-the-job training into the following six modules and sub-components.(1)

1. Identifying the Point of the Lesson

Your role as a coach, the importance of learning objectives and the steps in coaching process.

2. Linking the Lessons

What a learner needs from you, building the learners’ skills in a particular order, setting the pace for learning, and picking the right moment for a coaching session.

3. Demonstrating a Skill

Starting a lesson, explaining and demonstrating a skill, and getting the learner involved.

4. Practicing a Skill

Planning and guiding practice opportunities for the learner and giving the learner hands-on experience with a skill.

5. Giving Feedback to the Learner

Describing the learner’s behaviour to correct mistakes and reward accomplishments.

6. Assessing the Learner’s Progress

Setting up challenges to determine skill levels and progress, and to plan further learning.

The value of assessing

Assessing skill level

Planning next steps

For further information, please call:
Bob Brunet, Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association (CRCA)    1-800-461-2722
Mark Curtis, Sheet Metal Workers Internatiola Association    1-800-448-4177

1.  This material is taken from “Workplace Coaching Skills – Participants Manual” by Open Learning Agency, Apprenticeship Branch, Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour, Government of British Columbia.