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Pre-apprenticeship Training for Roofers
Guidelines for New Workers

A Career in Roofing

If you want to work out-of-doors with a team of skilled craftspeople – and earn higher wages than most other sectors – consider a career in roofing.   Pre-apprenticeship training offers a head start for advancing in the trade.  During your first season as a roofer you will learn while you earn.  Roofers make higher wages than workers in other service industries like retail trade, food services or office work.  Employers in the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) offer excellent full time and seasonal jobs with high wages, good benefits and options for long hours.  Over 60 % of their seasonal workers return each year.  Entry-level roofers go on to apprentice, receive their certificate of qualification and build a career as a journey-person, supervisor, foreman, estimator, salesperson and owner. CRCA members participate in this pre-apprenticeship program and take pride in their investment in human resources.

Finding a Job – Who to Contact

If you are interested in working as a roofer, call your local Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) member association or the Canadian Council of Sheet Metal Workers & Roofer- CCSMW&R (Sheet Metal Workers International Association – SMWIA) contact.  Key contacts in your area are listed on the attached contact sheet.

Why Pre-apprenticeship?

The pre-apprenticeship program for roofers gets you started with essential safety instruction and then helps you to understand the tools, materials and systems that you will help install.   You will have your own log book that tracks your training and hours and may qualify you for advanced standing in a provincial or territorial apprenticeship training program.  The training and experience conform to a national standard set by the CRCA and the CCSMW&R, and the training will be recognized by contractors and employers across Canada.

What to Expect in the Program

Your employer will start you with a one-day orientation session on safety and construction basics that will prepare you for your first work experience.   You will be assigned a “mentor / coach” – an experienced roofer who will work with you and make certain that you learn essential skills and understand the basic features of at least one standard roofing system.  The program is a commitment by you, your employer, your mentor, the CRCA and the CCSMW&R to the highest standards of craftsmanship.  Securing your safety, skills and future in the trade are the ultimate purpose of the program.

For more information on the training and work experience in the pre-apprenticeship program refer to the attached contact list and visit the web sites – there are links to the pre-apprenticeship program.