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Pre-apprenticeship Training for Roofers
Detailed Outline of Training - Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Pre-apprenticeship Training

Following orientation, the worker will complete pre-apprenticeship training that would take up to four additional days.  This training would target general safety and familiarity with the tools and materials of the trade.  The training would be delivered on-site through a journey person or supervisor acting as a mentor or coach.  Employers and the new roofer would have the option of selecting one of the five major systems noted above as the focus for this training.  The following outline describes the instruction to be given to a new roofer by a trainer (supervisor, team leader or journeyperson) during the first season (800 to 900 hours) of work. (1)

The following guidelines for on-the-job training are divided into two categories – site specific training that applies to all roofing systems and on-going training that would be associated with work on one specific system.  Topics listed here are intended to guide supervisors and coaches on the information that should be shared with the worker over the course of the first season on the job.

This training is not a substitute for apprenticeship.  Workers are not expected to develop skills or competence in these areas.  Pre-apprentice instruction is only meant to introduce the worker to the equipment, material, processes and systems so that they will understand their use and be able to assist other team members in their use.  Time allocations are short, and the coach / mentor is not expected to provide demonstrations or have the worker learn how to use all these materials.  There is no expectation that the learner will achieve competency in the skills and work practices involved.  The training will familiarize the worker with technical details so that they better understand the work and are able to respond to requests and instructions.

Several sections of the Roofing Reference Manual contain much more details than is required for pre-apprentices.  For example the section on engines and motors in Chapter 2b should be omitted.  At the same time certain themes – especially related to safety – warrant additional attention.  Crucial instruction on general site housekeeping is first introduced in the orientation under general safety and appears again here, in more detail, under general housekeeping.


Site Specific Training (Approx. 10.0 hrs)

Roofing Tools and Equipment (Approx. 2.0 hrs)

 Protective equipment
 Hand tools
 Basic roofing tools
 Roofing equipment
 Mechanical fasteners
<See Roofing Reference Manual Chapter 2a, b, d)>

Loading and Unloading Trucks, Placing Materials (Approx. 2.5 hrs)

 Hoisting equipment
<See Roofing Reference Manual Chapter 1 d, 2 c>

General Housekeeping (Approx. 1.5 hrs)

<See Roofing Reference Manual Chapter 1a>

Preparing the Deck (Approx. 2.0 hrs)

 Cleaning debris
 Placing materials
 Hazardous (hot) materials
 Roofing removal
 Chutes, hoisting, cleanup
 Barricades, guardrails
<See Roofing Reference Manual Chapter 3a>

Winter Precautions (Approx. 0.5 hrs)

<See Roofing Reference Manual Chapter 3a, b>

Job Close Down (Approx. 1.5 hrs)


1.  It is recommended that the trainer receive instruction in on-the-job coaching that meets the standards set in the “Workplace Coaching Skills” created by the Open Learning Agency in the Apprenticeship Branch at the B.C. Ministry of Skills, Training and Learning.  Please refer to the guidelines for Mentors and Trainers.