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Pre-apprenticeship Training for Roofers
Detailed Outline of Training - Cold Process Roofing

Cold Process Roofing

Time Ref. Manual
1) General Overview        
a. What is modified cold process roofing    
    i. Roof system types (inverted, conventional)       
    ii. Identify materials       
b. Major steps for installation         
0.5 hr 4c

(339, 343-344)


2) Identify Tools and Equipment     
a. Protective equipment, safety precautions        
b. Hand tools & safe practices        
c. Hoists           
3 hr 2a, 1a
3) Prepare the Work Site            2 hr 1a
4) Moving Equipment and Supplies              
a. Handling materials and load trucks          
b. Loading the roof                
5) Preparing the Deck          
a. Deck type (wood, steel etc.)        
b. Cleaning deck          
    - removing ice, snow, water (hazards) 
    - removing debris
c. Curbs, cants, joints         
d. Separation sheets, vapour retarders        
e. Priming deck          
4 hr 3a, 3b, 4b
(233-237, 286-291)

(240-241, 339-340)

6) Apply Cold Process Roofing        
a. Draw vapour retarder, separation sheet        
    i. Materials             
b. Identify insulation materials          
   i. Draw and place insulation
   ii. Protect (cover insulation)       
   iii. Gather & dispose of scrap
c. Apply Membrane materials         
   i. Draw membrane materials
   ii. Protect membrane materials      
   iii. Clean & dispose of scrap
d. Apply surfacing        
5 hr 1a, 3a, 4c
(265-273, 339-340)

(272-279, 320)




7) Project Closedown          
a. Remove materials from roof
    i. Load materials on trucks or stockpile       
b. Remove debris, scrap
c. Remove equipment
d. Clean stains, spills etc. 
e. Remove protective equipment (ladders etc.).         
1 hr  1a, 1e

(35-45, 1-4)


Total   15.5 hr