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The opinions expressed herein are those of the CRCA National Technical Committee. These Technical Bulletins are circulated for the purpose of bringing roofing information to the attention of the reader. The data, commentary, opinions and conclusions, if any, are not intended to provide the reader with conclusive technical advice and the reader should not act only on the roofing information contained in these Technical Bulletins without seeking specific professional, engineering or architectural advice. Neither the CRCA nor any of its officers, directors, members or employees assumes any responsibility for any of the roofing information contained herein or the consequences of any interpretation which the reader may take from such information.

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-- May 1969 Common Technical Terms & Quantities Used in Calculating Insulation Values
-- Jun 1969 Consideration of Flow Retardant Drains
-- Jul 1969 Damage to Roofing Systems by Other Trades, The Consequences and the Cure
-- Aug 1969 R?U? Sufficient Insulation to Control Dew Point Temperature at Vapour Barrier
-- Sep 1969 Expansion of Metal
-- Oct 1969 Winter Roofing
-- Nov 1969 Construction Conditions and Construction Water
-- Dec 1969 Corrosion of Metals
01 Jan 1970 Ventilation of Buildings to Prevent Damage to Roofing During the Cold Weather Months
02 Feb 1970 Water Vapour
03 Mar 1970 Roof Maintenance
04 Apr 1970 Insulation
05 May 1970 Conduit on Roof Decks
06 Jul 1970 Confusion Concerning Insulated Steel Deck Constructions
07 Aug 1970 Deflections
08 Oct 1970 Exposure of some Roofing Systems
09 Jan 1971 Upside Down Roofs
10 Feb 1971 Roofing Over Steel Decks
11 May 1971 Roof Mounted Equipment
12 Jul 1971 Explanatory Notes on the CRCA Specification Manual
13 Dec 1971 Roofing Aggregates
14 Feb 1972 Factory Mutual and Underwriters' Laboratories
15 Apr 1972 Effects of Thermal Shrinkage on Built-Up Roofing
16 Aug 1972 Respective Responsibilities of the Roofing Contractor
17 Jan 1973 Damage to Completed Roofs - Precautions Roofers Should Take
18 Feb 1974 Sloped Roofs
19 Aug 1974 Roof Vents
20 Jul 1975 Moulded, Preformed Flashing Systems
21 Oct 1975 Control Flow Drains
22 Apr 1976 Effect of Increased Thermal Resistance on Conventional Roofing Systems
23 Jul 1976 Using Protected Membrane System for Thermal Up-grading
24 Apr 1979 PVC Roofing Membranes
25 Oct 1979 Non-Destructive Testing for Moisture in BUR Systems
26 Nov 1980 Sampling and Analysis of Bituminous Roofing Membranes
27 Jun 1981 Glaze Coating - Some Misconceptions
28 Jan 1983 Hot Asphalt and Built-Up Roofing
29 Jun 1983 Building Slopes on Existing Roofs
30 Sep 1984 Location of the Roof System Vapour Retarder With Mechanically Fastened Insulation
31 Oct 1985 B.U.R. Throughout the Years
32 Apr 1986 B.U.R. Membrane Application over Urethane/Isocyanurate Insulation Products
33 Aug 1986 Glass Fibre Roofing Felts - Special Applications Techniques are Required
34 Jun 1988 Control Flow Roof Drains - Part 3
35 Jun 1988 Ballast for Protected Membrane Roofing
36 Dec 1991 Awkward Roofs
37 Mar 1993 Fastening of Gypsum Boards to Steel Roof Deck
38 Mar 1993 Fibreboard Overlays
39 Mar 1993 Single-Ply Recommendations
40 Nov 1993 Design of Loose-Laid Gravel Stone Ballasted Roofs
41 Jun 1994 Steel Deck and Fasteners Corrosion on Insulated Roofs
42 Feb 1995 Roof Joints
43 Oct 1995 Wrinkling & Ridging of Modified Bitumen Membranes
43A Jul 1996 Application Guidelines for Hot Asphalt Mopping of Mod Bit Roll Roofing
43B Jul 1996 Application Guidelines for Torch Welding of Mod Bit Roll Roofing
44 Oct 1995 Roof Top Equipment
44A Jul 1996 Roof Top Effluence Management
45 Jul 1996 Chemical Resistance of Single Ply Membranes
46 Jul 1996 Blistering of Built-Up Roofs
47 Nov 1998 Methods for Determining Moisture in Roofing Materials
48 Jun 1999 Roof Re-covering - An Alternative?
49 Jan 2001 Polyisocyanurate Insulation
50 Jun 2001 Cover Boards
51 Jun 2001 Night Roofing
52 Jul 2002 Cant Strips
53 Feb 2003 Ventilation
54 Feb 2004 Cold Adhesive on Mod Bit
55 Sept 2005 Roofing and Firewalls
56A Dec 2005 Roof Top Gardens: An Overview
56B Sept 2006 Roof Gardens
57 Nov 2010 Photovoltaics in Roofing
Advisory Feb 1997 Polyisocyanurate
Advisory Jun 2003 EVT
Advisory Feb 2003 Ice on Roofs
Advisory Jun 2004 Metric Steel Decks
Advisory Dec 2005 Wood Preservatives In Roofing
Advisory Mar 2007 Flood Testing
Advisory Jun 2007 Perimeter Edge Flashing and Wind Resistance
Advisory Jun 2007 Changes to FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheets
Advisory Jun 2007 Asphalt Durability


CRCA was formed in 1960 for unity between and a co-operative effort on the part of roofing contractors from coast to coast in Canada.

CRCA consists of companies actively engaged in Canada in the roofing and related sheet metal contracting business, along with companies engaged in manufacturing or supplying materials and services used in any branch of the roofing and sheet metal industry.


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